June! It’s been a mixed month with some things thriving and some failing. But all in all it’s a lovely time to sit in the garden and watch it all unfold.. Ok, here are …


  1. Wow yummy apples and beautiful garden, where is this place cos far beyond modern world still using horse, sorry to say that but amazing video , thanks for sharing

  2. Have you read or seen videos about how Joel Salatin farms? You have the perfect property to implement similar methods. Happy and healthy animals produce healthy food. Justin Rhodes is another great channel to look at.

  3. Such beautiful views. That roof is magical. I love swallows. We use to have them in droves in my hometown, but the development has since driven them away. I am in hopes that as we get more animals back in our barn that the swallows will return.

  4. My problem is earwigs and rolly pollys. They eat out the gowing buds of the seedlings, especially the cucumbers. I've planted 22 cucumber seedlings, I have 3 left…despite traps and hot pepper.
    If you aren't into ridding the property of rabbits(live traps) then maybe make cages to go around each cabbage plant.
    I enjoy how you make your pesentations!