Patreon: ○ Description I’ve been busy over the holiday period moving RMC into a new dedicated cave. Take the tour with me, hear the reasons why…


  1. Wow Love the new cave and the shelve are amazing, wist i still had me Vectrex CRT Game Console to send you, would love to see you do a vid on them. Keep up the good work .

  2. I love your show. You have a soothing voice and personality. My observations:

    1. There is clearly some kind of hiss in you voice recording for this video. Check that mic. 🙂
    2. There is too little items in those boxes on the stage. You should put more stuff there to make it look richer. They look rather empty.
    3. Consider making more videos about retro hardware/software history. You can combine entertainment with education that way which should deliver maximum value to your viewers.

  3. I'm so glad I found this channel, and I can't wait to see more of your great content! The way you present yourself and your channel I think really shows great potential for exponential growth. Good luck and God speed. 🙂