A film about outdoor plants transitioning into an Indoor environment.


  1. I brought all my potted plant indoors, and yes a few fruit flies at the biggining and paler leaves for some plants like the Bougainvillia, but over all they are happy….(fruit flies are easily trapped in a jar full of cider vinegar, or fermenting fruit, and covered with plastic wrap with small holes poked in it, rubber band to hold the wrap = works great) The Tumeric and Ginger even stayed alive, although barely growing….
    Thank you Theresa and Kate!
    Blessings to you and your plants =D

  2. ProMix I like for indoor soil, It's not heavy and is ready to go with the proper bacterium already in it. I add my organic fert (Dr. Earth Vegetable) and go with it and it's been fantastic. I also use this to make soil blocks for my outdoor seed starts. Yeah it's expensive but nothing I have ever used has ever come close to matching the results and it saves me a ton of time…

  3. Hello Kate and Theresa , So right about those cool summer night, I am sure it was the Neem oil and Baking Soda that saved my Tomato plants, peppers very late finally produced but lost some. That's why Russian peppers this yr. my broccoli and cauliflower did great they loved those cool nights. For my broccoli and cali I used whats called BT it takes care those moths its garden safe used neem also . The next time I have a good Tip on controlling blight and leaf problems it's not a spray it really neat . To the both of you Thanks