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  1. These pictures look like they are all from Pinterest. I can just go to Pinterest for these ideas. It's disappointing that you didn't show the DIY part, like the title says. By the way, I have a garage full of wood and metal working tools that I use, and I don't need a man to show me how.

  2. I'm looking for spice storage ideas. I have a 3 ft cabinet filled. I use all of them. I've not seen anything suitable. I also don't want to buy a bunch of jars and spend time transferring the spices.

  3. I love the match idea. You say replace the metal with sand paper, but you wouldn't be replacing the metal, you would be adding the sand paper because you would have to keep the metal piece for support.

  4. Great video, but more explanation would be helpful. Ex: mason jar advent jar, and before you can blink-onto the next thing. No tips or explanations of any kind and barely any time to even see the thing.

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