I was able to convince Kia to give me the keys to a base model with the 2.0L turbo engine and just one option (active safety package). Instead of a “stripper” model that I was expecting, the…


  1. They almost hit it out of the park with this one. I'm SO TIRED of FOUR DOOR sports cars. This car is beautiful but it would be awesome if they made the sport model TWO DOOR not four door. I love that it's a REAR WHEEL DRIVE. To me a front wheel drive car is not a sports car, it's a grocery getter. Yeah they make fast front wheel drive cars but racing one with a front wheel drive and the smoke flying off of the front tires just looks silly. I'm use to rear wheel drive chewing away at the REAR TIRES not the fronts. Kia makes a quality car and they're moving up. Expect more from this company.

  2. I'd get this car way be4 a Toyota or Honda. Take care of your car and it'll last πŸ™„ Toyotas and Honda's MAY be more reliable, but that doesn't make them better all around cars. That's why I chose a Genesis coupe over a Camry, Accord, Maxima etc. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't like blending in.

  3. As a Kia driver of some 12 years currently driving a Sorento all-wheel drive this is a big disappointment for all the talk about the GT and the talk about it being all wheel drive now when it finally comes out you're talking about $40,000 there are already cars out here that have 4 wheel drive I can get a used Porsche Pan American which it looks just like a little bit with four wheel drive loaded for the money and will be unique because it Michigan where you need all wheel or 4 wheel drive it would be unique like I said disappointing all the talk about the GT you still could just get you a loaded Optima or if you need all wheel drive get a Sorento loaded you're out price yourself all the talk and it's out priced disappointed

  4. In inclement weather AWD will not improve your turning or stopping capability, it will help you get moving if you are stuck in the snow. Pretty sure getting up to speed without being able to stop or turn is not a safety feature. AWD is for performance, winter tires are for safety.