The updated 2018 G80 is the latest shot across the bow of the established luxury brands. With more luxury for the dollar and an all-new twin-turbo engine, the G80 3.3T is aimed squarely at…


  1. Nice try, Hyundai, but the interior style belies your true price and value.
    Does have an original style, good size and power, but the cut-rate Hyundai interior I can find on a Sonata kills it for me. Kia Stinger is a much better price and value, selling for $10k less, and its interior is slightly better.

  2. Alex, can you say a few words about the pluses/minuses of staggered wheels? I assume they can't be rotated corner-to-corner. Can they be rotated side-to-side? What's the impact on tire wear? Thanks!

  3. It's still a Hyundai at the core with atrocious depreciation…crap. What would you rather have, a BMW, Benz, Lexus Volvo or this imposter? Thank you. Plus if that's not enough, in Korea you can count the number of U.S. made cars on one hand, as the locals do not buy anything made in the U.S. while Korea continues to flood our market with their cheap imports.

  4. wait wait wait, THIS car has a 3.3 V6 TWIN turbo but produces only 365 hp? and 0-60 in 5.2 secs? WTF, the S60 Polestar only packs a 4 banger with one turbo and gives 367 hp and 0-60 in 4.5 secs. How is this possible? to have a freaking V6 put to shame by an inline 4? what are the genesis engineers doing?, twiddling their thumbs?

  5. I own a 2015 Genesis and find it an all around great car especially for long drives on the highway. The biggest drawback is the terrible service at the Hyundai dealer. They will never compete with other luxury cars until they ditch these seedy dealerships.

  6. Too expensive..the problem will remain…which is….eating steak dinner at Denny's is still budget dining…G80 is very good looking …far better than anything Lexus or Acura….but at anything close to 45k to 60k its not that good looking…..this should be at 40 to 43k car tops….how many of these 55k g80s they really think they will sell?

  7. Drove every car that you reviewed, except the Lexus. The Volvo was hardly a luxury car, the turbo/supercharged 4 was not refined at all. Love the A6, but it was 10-15K more pricey, same with the BMW. Bought a g80 3.3T. Great car.