Visit us Today i want to show you how my pepper plants are doing with temps as low as 15F ! remarkably they survived! i was expecting every thing to be dead but to my…


  1. I have a question for you. I brought two of my pepper plants inside to overwinter. I pruned one and left the other one as is. The one that I pruned leaves have fallen off and the stem is brown. Is it dead or just dormant? The other one looks great still, so hopefully that one will be okay. It is my first time trying to overwinter pepper plants. If I had a greenhouse like yours, I would probably plant a bunch of greens in there, lettuce and stuff like that. I actually had lettuce survive on my back porch in a pot until mid January last year, unprotected from the elements. I live in zone 6A, close to 6B. I didn't know brussel sprouts could live so long! Hard to see but those red things look like some type of aphid to me. I use soapy water spray to kill them and it does work.